About Us

AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd. (AAISCS) is an innovative research-oriented private enterprise that  specializes in neuroscience research and its applications. Its research division, the Laboratory for Human Brain Dynamics (LHBD), is well-known in neuroscience community for its high-quality, innovative research and development. LHBD focuses on the investigation of normal brain function and neurological disorders, analysis of brain imaging data, and development of state-of-the-art methods for measuring, processing and interpreting neuroimaging data.

Supported by the vast neuroscience knowledge accumulated by LHBD researchers over the past more than 20 years at world-renowned research centers in UK, Germany and Japan (see our key findings and most recent publications), we provide our customers with high-quality science-based neurofeedback training and assessment. The very strong neuroscience research background of our neurofeedback experts is the distinguished feature of the Cyprus Neurofeedback Center (CNFC) at AAISCS.

The senior scientists at AAISCS have between them over 50 years of experience in electrophysiology (EEG and MEG), gained at top international laboratories performing research at the frontier of the technology. Ten more associate / visiting members of AAISCS add between them well over 100 years of experience in neurotheraphy, neuroimaging and related fields. Added to this is an impressive list of internationally recognized collaborators. 

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