We offer neurofeedback training programs for specific conditions, general relaxation and peak performance.

Initial Free Consultation Contact us
Upon contacting our office, we will schedule a free 30 - 60 minute office visit, which will answer any basic questions you may have about Neurofeedback and how it can benefit you or your loved one. Following this initial free consultation, we may decide that Neurofeedback is not appropriate for you at this time and refer you to a different type of therapy, or provide Neurofeedback sessions in parallel with the other type of therapy.

Comprehensive Evaluation / Assessment
A set of 5 sessions,  approximately 1 - 2 hours each, precedes the main training sessions. The purpose of these 5 sessions is to form a model of your brain activity for the evaluation of your condition and needs, and development of an individualized training program to address your particular goals. To this purpose a series of interviews, continuous performance tests and quantitative EEG recordings will be conducted. The collected data will also be used to define a baseline in measurable quantities, which will allow charting your future performance and provide an objective evaluation for the effectiveness of the Neurofeedback training. The training that follows these 5 sessions is therefore individualized to cater for your needs/goals and its effectiveness can be followed in an objective way.

Neurofeedback sessions and reassessment
Each Neurofeedback session takes approximately 1 hour. Sessions are typically scheduled 2 - 3 times per week for maximum benefit, however your specific schedule will be determined based on your individual training plan and needs. At the beginning of each session you may report the course of your complaints and also mention other mental effects. On the basis of the report the training may be adjusted. After every 10 sessions a comprehensive evaluation / reassessment is conducted. Typically a course of at least 10 sessions is required to allow for meaningful reassessment.

Fee for service plan
Services can be paid on a fee for service basis. This is the traditional model, in which payment is made at the time the service is delivered, as in psychotherapy services.

Low monthly payments
We also give you the option of paying a discounted amount for a "package" of sessions. A 5% discount is available for prepayment of 10 sessions and a 10% discount is available for prepayment of 20 sessions.

Special "Corporate" discounts up to 50% are available for groups of more than 5 people.