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AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd. is a private research company based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Its most active division as of today is the Laboratory for Human Brain Dynamics (LHBD), which was established in 2007 as a continuation of the laboratory with the same name at RIKEN Brain Science Institute (BSI), in Japan (1998-2009). LHBD focuses on the investigation of normal brain function and neurological disorders, analysis of brain imaging data, and development of state-of-the-art methods for measuring, processing and interpreting neuroimaging data. LHBD also offers independent expert consulting services and training for establishing MEG laboratories and for all aspects of MEG and EEG measurements and data analysis. LHBD has close links to and collaborates with world-leading centres for brain research and is open to new and mutually beneficial collaborations. More ... 


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Currently we are seeking well-qualified and highly motivated individuals to
fill a number of open research and technical positions at all levels. More ...

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