Foundation Themes for Advanced EEG/MEG Data Analysis: Theory and Demonstrations via Hands-on Examples

The three-day course followed the Consciousness and its Measures conference. The course covered both the theory and practice of EEG/MEG data analysis. It consisted of two distinct parts: (1) a one-day intensive theoretical workshop on the forward and inverse problems for EEG/MEG and the related issue of mathematical descriptions of the brain activity in terms of networks; (2) a two-day course (one day EEG-related, next day MEG-related) with few short lectures and long hands-on practical sessions describing how the theoretical concepts translate in practice.

Part 1 (theoretical workshop) of the course included lectures by well-known experts in their fields, followed by round-table discussions (click a talk title to download the presentation in PDF format):

Lecture 1: Basic concepts and their foundations

Andreas A. Ioannides

Lecture 2:  Basic issues for the estimation of the sources with non-invasive EEG measurements

Fabio Babiloni

Lecture 3: Mathematics for the forward and inverse problem of EEG

Rolando Grave de Peralta

Lecture 4: Mathematics for the forward and inverse problems of MEG 

Andreas A. Ioannides

Lecture 5: Basis of the estimation of connectivity: general principles and measures of connectivity

Laura Astolfi

Lecture 6: Estimating of propagation measures 

Maciej Kaminski

Lecture 7: Brain networks from MEG data 

Vahe Poghosyan / Andreas A. Ioannides

Lecture 8: Networks at different timescales 

Fabrizio De Vico Fallani

Part 2 (practical sessions) of the course included short lectures, hands-on experience with number of software packages, and free one-on-one and group discussions with lecturers and instructors.

Some of the software used in the hands-on sessions included: Cartool, Brain Information Flow Calculator (BIFC, contact the authors: Konrad Kwaskiewicz / Maciej Kaminski), Brain Connectivity Toolbox (BCT), Pajek, Elekta software.

List of the course lecturers and intstructors:

Laura Astolfi (University of Rome "Sapienza", Italy)

Fabio Babiloni (University of Rome "Sapienza", Italy)

Fabrizio de Vico Fallani (University of Rome "Sapienza", Italy)

Janne Hämäläinen (Elekta Oy, Finland)

Liisa Helle (Elekta Oy, Finland)

Andreas A. Ioannides (AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd., Cyprus)

George K. Kostopoulos (University of Patras, Greece)

Maciej Kaminski (University of Warsaw, Poland)

Konrad Kwaskiewicz (University of Warsaw, Poland)

Lichan Liu (AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd., Cyprus)

Rolando Grave de Peralta (Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland)

Gijs Plomp (EPFL, Switzerland) 

Vahe Poghosyan (AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd., Cyprus)

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