We currently offer two products (how to purchase):

Magic Fish box (€17.99) and Educational course (€120.00)

1. Magic Fish box - €17.99

Magic Fish box

The box includes the following items:

  • Magic Fish bag with 10 eggs.

  • Magic Fish food for approximately one month.

  • Two hatching containers.

  • Spoon.

  • Siphon.

  • Magnifier.

  • Instruction manual.

Note, extra items can also be purchased individually.

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2. Educational course - €120.00

At the moment we offer a basic course that usually lasts one month.

The course includes:

  • Four weekly lectures where you can:

    • Learn the science behind the magic fish.

    • Become a junior scientist and learn how to take measurements, use the results and formulate and address scientific questions!

    • Improve your observation and your writing skills.

    • Reap the rewards of patient work and attention to detail and appreciate the product of love for life!

  • Complimentary Magic Fish box (see above) for home science.

  • Optional daily access - feeding and observing your Magic Fish and recording the data in our premises in Nicosia.

More about the course ...

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