For schools

Magic Fish has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture for use by teachers and pupils of elementary schools. See the approval letter: in Greek / English.

Our special offer can be downloaded from here: in Greek / English.

Special offers to schools using Magic Fish for in-classroom science projects

  • Magic Fish kits at discounted price.

  • Live demonstration of how to hatch baby Killifish and baby food (sea monkeys).

  • Free in-class lectures on species evolution and selection, animal reproduction and breeding, habitat and environment  protection and more.

Please contact us for more details or a free school visit.

Magic Fish and Child Development

  • A live teaching material offers a unique way to learn biological science, by guiding children to hatch and breed baby fish into colorful adult fish.

  • Improve children's knowledge and skills:  learn how to take measurements, use the results and formulate and address scientific questions!

  • Learn the value of patient work and attention to details.

  • Cultivate love for life, caring for the weak and protecting all forms of life.

  • Cultivate sense of achievement and responsibility.

  • Cultivate team effort and free exchange of ideas & opinions.

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