Business with China

Content of the course

The course consists of four parts each with a well-defined objective:

  1. Learning Chinese culture: to introduce Chinese culture and history to increase the chances of conducting business with China successfully

  2. Travel Chinese: introduce geography and focus on spoken Chinese that will be particularly useful when conversing in various situations during trips in China

  3. Chinese Business Etiquette:

    • General rules of typical business etiquette, customs and practices in China.

    • Case studies cover various business activities to build a foundation for successfully conducting business activities in China.

  4. Doing business in China:

    • Practical Chinese for business activities: introductions, exchanging business cards, small talk topics, during a company visit and at a banquet, farewell, etc.

    • How to successfully conduct business activities in China: case studies and group activities to learn what is necessary to conduct business activities and avoid problems in China.

The course will address the following (but not limited to) topics/questions: