Business with China

The main instructor of the course is Lichan Liu, PhD.

Dr. Liu is a highly trained, experienced, native Chinese. She speaks excellent standard Mandarin and Cantonese, had lived in Southern China for 20 years and attended university there.  She obtained a first-class honour BA degree in International Finance and Trade from the Department of Economy in Shenzhen University.

She had also studied in UK (MSc on Computer Science and PhD in Biophysics). She has worked in various western (UK, Germany, Canada) and Asian (Japan, China) countries. Her experience brings to the course valuable personal knowledge with a balanced blend of Chinese and western culture. 

Dr. Liu had received systematic training in teaching and she is an experienced teacher and tutor. She had taught an evening class successfully on the subject of "Chinese Language and Culture" in the Department for Continuing Education at University of Oxford, U.K.

After the birth of her twin daughters with Dr. Ioannides, she came to settle down in Cyprus in 2008 and has started trading between China and Cyprus. Her family has a very successful business running in China, thus she has first-hand experience and up-to-date knowledge of how to conduct business with China.