Magic Fish instruction manual

Please follow the instructions carefully. If you have questions or need additional help, please check the Frequently Asked Questions, visit our forum (no registration required) or contact our support personnel.

Important notes

  • The temperature of the fish bag must remain above 18 ºC for at least two weeks before beginning the hatching process.

  • The water temperature should be between 18 and 35 ºC for Magic Fish.

Day one

How to Prepare Water for Hatching Magic Fish

  1. Use a small clear container (not provided) and pour in approximately 120 ml of water.

  2. Use tap water that is allowed to sit for at least 24 hours to eliminate chlorine.

How to prepare water

How to Prepare Baby Magic Fish Food

  1. Locate hatching tools which consist of: a breeding plastic cup (#3 box), and a one gram spoon (#4 box).

  2. Fill breeding cup 3/4 full of non-chlorinated water. Then add 1g of salt which equals one level spoon and stir it.

  3. Take out the brine shrimp bag located in #2 box. Use the siphon to help determine the correct amount of brine shrimp eggs to add to the water by first wetting the bottom centimeter of the siphon.

  4. Dip the siphon into the brine shrimp bag and the eggs will attach themselves to the wet portion of the siphon tube. Now add the shrimp eggs to the salt water.  Within 24 to 72 hours you should find many little brine shrimp swimming around.

How to prepare baby fish food


  • The brine shrimp will hatch sooner if placed under a strong light or even direct sunlight. It is the closer the better.

  • When measuring out the correct amount of brine shrimp eggs, try to avoid getting the inside of the food bag wet.

Day two

How to Hatch Magic Fish

  1. Locate: magic fish bag (#1 box), hatching plastic cup with water which was prepared on day one, brine shrimp breeding plastic cup, and siphon.

  2. Take fish bag out of self-sealed bag and place into the hatching plastic cup.

  3. Within one to 24 hours, when you look closely, you will see some baby fish swimming around. You may need to use the magnifier which can be found in box #4.

Hatching container

Important notes

  • Transfer newly born fishes from hatching cup to another breeding plastic cup (#3 box) and keep them there at least for 2 weeks.

  • A large container of water should not be used because this makes it more difficult to locate your baby fish and also their eyesight is weak so they may not be able to find their food.

  • Your newly-born fishes are small and some might hide in the fish bag. Please shake the fish bag gently to make sure all the baby fishes have swum out of the fish bag.

  • Please keep self-sealed plastic bag for future usage. Please don’t split the fish bag.

Day three

Feed Fish with Brine Shrimp

  1. Use the siphon to transfer some brine shrimps into the hatching container that contains your baby fishes.

How to feed baby fish


  • While siphoning brine shrimp, please avoid collecting the brine shrimp eggs because if the eggs are eaten by your baby fish they may become sick or even die.

How to Keep Magic Fish Bag for Future Use 

  1. After 24 hours, remove the fish bag from the water and gently pat to dry the fish bag with tissue paper until no water is dripping. Then place the fish bag back into the re-sealable plastic bag and seal it tight.

  2. The fish bag should be removed from the water after 24 hours because only mature eggs will hatch.  The bag also will contain some immature eggs which will begin to mature when they become moist but the eggs should not remain in the water.  The maturing process may require 10 to 15 days to complete. So after 10 to 15 days, please repeat the hatching process described in day two. You can repeat this process a third time if you wish. However please use a different hatching cup for each hatching process to avoid having the larger fish eat the smaller fish.

How to keep the magic bag for future use


  • It is possible that the first time there is no fish hatched during 24 hours.  This is because it is possible that the bag originally contains few or no mature fish eggs.

Day Four

Change Water

  1. Siphon out any debris or impurities in the hatching cup.

  2. Remove maximum 30% of the water in the cup and replace with clean non-chlorinated water.

How to change water


  • Change the water as described above about every two days.

  • Also, please be aware that if too much water is replaced, the baby fish might die. 

Proper Way to Feed Fish

  1. Fresh brine shrimp should be hatched approximately every 2 days.

  2. It is OK to feed your fish once or even three times a day. As long as there is no brine shrimp left in the hatching cup, you can continue to feed them.

  3. Magic Fish are able to live in the low salinity water. In fact, salty water can help cure some fish diseases. It is better to feed your fish with brine shrimp after changing water in order to keep some salt in the water. However also see the note below.

Important note

  • Too much salt can be lethal for the fish. Since baby fish food (brine shrimp) are in salt water, make sure that about 30% of the water is replaced every two days or fetch the brine shrimp with filter tools.

Two Weeks

Separate Fish

  1. Article for use: plastic cup, spoon

Spoon and cup
  1. Magic Fish grows quickly during the first two weeks so the hatching cup might become crowded. If so, please transfer some of the larger fishes to another container so that they will have enough space to grow.
  2. Repeat fish hatching process using a new clean hatching container.


  • After the fish become larger, please transfer them using the spoon because the siphon might hurt the larger fish.

  • Magic Fish won't grow at the same pace (male and female fish also are not the same size). When separating the fish, make sure to keep fish of a similar size in one container.

  • Fish will eat more food as they grow up. Please hatch more brine shrimp as necessary.

One Month

  1. By now the fish that hatched the first time may have grown as large as 1.5 cm. So you may begin to feed them frozen brine shrimp, frozen red worm or even live brine shrimp that you can purchase from your local pet store.

  2. If you wish, repeat the hatching process for the third time as described in day two.


  • When your fish grows to about 2 cm, they should be transferred to a bigger container of approximately 100 ml per fish.  At about 4 cm in length, your fish should be transferred to an even larger container of about 1 liter per fish. Please be aware that if your container is too full your fish may possibly jump out of the container. 

Water per fish
  • You don't need to pump oxygen into the water because you have provided them with a large enough container

  • If you begin to use non-salted fish food, you should add a little salt to the water for the good health of your fish.  The total amount of salt should be less than 1%.

One Month and a Half

  1. Your fishes are continuing to grow larger and may grow as large as 4-6 cm by the time they are 2 months old.  You will begin to see their beautiful colors begin to emerge as early as one and a half months after they hatch. They can be expected to live for at least one year with your prudential care.

  2. Remember that your fish will not all grow at the same rate.