The following programs are suitable for anyone over 16 years old (or who has no problem to sit through a 90-minute lesson). Two programs are offered:

1)  Beginner Chinese: suitable for someone has no or little knowledge about Chinese, wants to learn Chinese from scratch, systematically, in a slow pace.

This program focuses on motivating the learner to develop communicative and reading competence in Chinese.  It is devoted to forming a solid foundation for the learner's further Chinese study.  

After one school term, the learner should be able to take the HSK test level 1-2.

2) Intermediate Chinesesuitable for someone has some basic knowledge about Chinese, wants to learn Chinese systematically, in an intermediate pace. 

Comprehensive and diversified exercises for listening, speaking, reading and writing will be conducted throughout the term so the learners are ready to take HSK test level  2-3 by the end of the term.

3) Advanced Chinesesuitable for someone has good knowledge about Chinese and aims to pass the HSK test level  3-4 or GCSE Chinese by the end of the term. Reading and writing skill will be emphasized.


Registration is on first-come-first-served basis. Registration will be closed as soon as the class is full - maximum of 8 students to ensure students receive individualized attention.